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Summer Camps

Adventures in Art and Nature Camp (Ages 2 1/2-7)

Children explore a variety of styles and techniques from print making and painting to collage and found object sculpture. The older children will bring their sketch books hiking and see what inspires their artistic spirit. The little ones will collect objects in nature for a sculpture or collage.

Of course we will also PLAY, that is what we do best. We will play with water, bubbles, animals and each other! We will also speak Spanish. Spanish is woven into the day, children naturally pick up the meaning through the context.

Investigations in the Garden: Explore how plants grow and the creepy crawlies that live with them

One of our favorite things about the summer is the garden! Children will have the opportunity to sprout their own "pet" seed, harvest vegetables to eat and get to know the critters who are good and bad for the garden.  We will catch garden bugs and insects and compare them to the bugs and insects of the forest we will collect on hikes. We will learn about the edible plants that people grow and compare them to edible plants that grow in the forest.


Sign up for one or both weeks for either camp. 

$150 per week   


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