Seward PArk

Play and learn in one of Seattle's most beautiful forests! Join us Fridays from 9am-1pm to play in the forest and on the lakeshore of Seward Park. We will learn about the different habitats, animals, plants and trees, all while playing and having fun in nature. 

Anna has extensive knowledge of local plants and animals. She uses her knowledge to get children excited about their local natural sciences. Especially trees, edible plants, and birds!

Pick up and drop off are at the first upper parking lot near the swings, bathroom and picnic shelter. 

COVID-19 Considerations

  • Adults will wear masks at all times unless they are more than 10 ft away from any children.

  • Children over five will wear masks when playing closely with other children. We do not feel it is developmentally appropriate for children five and under to wear masks unless this becomes indicated by research. Currently young children are low risk for transmitting the virus to children and adults. 

  • Children's hands will be sanitized upon arrival and before eating. 

  • We are committed to staying current on research about COVID-19 and updating our policies as necessary. We are making every effort to balance safety with children's developmental needs.