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Teacher Anna

(She/Her Pronouns)


Anna is the Director at Anna's Little Farm, a mother of 2 and an educator with 20+ years experience in early childhood education. She has a Bachelors degree in Art Education and a Master's Degree in Teaching (MAT). She is a Washington State Certificated teacher and taught Kindergarten, first and second Grade in Highline Public Schools before starting her preschool 15 years ago!


As a primary teacher she was dismayed to see the dramatic turn schools are taking toward test preparation and away from creativity. She is passionate about kids right to play, create and discover. These are the things that truly create a strong healthy mind and a resilient spirit.

Teacher Antonia

(She/Her pronouns)

Teacher Antonia is a native Spanish speaker and only speaks Spanish with the children. Despite the language barrier, she is a wonderful comfort to the children and helps us all practice the Spanish we learn. She has been at Anna's Little Farm for over 10 years and is a beloved part of our community. 


Teacher Cat

(She/Her pronouns)

Teacher Cat has over seven years of childcare experience, mostly working in Behavior Therapy with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This has given her excellent insight into building rapport and helping shape new skills with the students, as well as helping to coordinate good communication between parents and teachers. She is currently working towards a degree in Early Childhood Education and is a lead teacher and the main administrator at Anna's Little Farm.

Teacher Rosi

(She/Her pronouns)

Rosi is an exciting and engaging Spanish teacher for our students. We all look forward to seeing her on Thursdays! Rosi is also the lead teacher of her own preschool program, Espanol Para Todos . A treasured member of the South Seattle community, we are so lucky to have her on our team! 


Teacher Marisa

(She/Her pronouns)

Teacher Marisa had a career in Forest Science before having her son and switching her interest to childcare. With previous outdoor preschool experience and now having been at the farm for over three years, she is one of our lead teachers. You can see her at forest school and on the farm teaching the kids many different things from bug identification to how to make paper airplanes.

Teacher Ashley

(She/Her pronouns)

Teacher Ashley is from Seattle and is currently raising two children who are alumni at Anna's Little Farm. She made her start by volunteering at the farm and has now been working with us for over three years! Ashley offers valuable insights into ADHD and loves to help support the children as they become strong, self advocating individuals who can work together.


Teacher Fran

(They/Them pronouns)

Teacher Fran has several years of experience in childcare, ranging from nannying, to other preschool work. They have been with us as a summer and substitute teacher for over two years and offers mini lessons in ASL to any student or teacher who asks! Though you may not see Fran often, they add a great energy to the farm whenever they're around.

Teacher Connie

(She/Her pronouns)

Connie is a ray of sunshine on a foggy Seattle day. A childhood friend of Anna's, Connie joined our teaching staff when her son was a preschooler and has stayed with us ever since. A powerhouse in her public school PTA and a skilled and intuitive communicator, Connie has a natural and relaxed way with kids and parents that makes her a beloved teacher.

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