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Anna's Little Farm

Anna's Little Farm Preschool has been offering children (ages 3 - 6) an enriching outdoor environment for over a decade! This is a place for children to learn about themselves and their world. We are here to help guide children along this path, using an approach that combines emotion coaching, communication skills building, and encouraging resiliency. 


We emphasize the development of autonomy, critical thinking skills, decision making, and attention span.  Children decide if they want to join in on structured activities (crafts, art, circle time, etc.) or if they want to dive deep into play. We encourage children to communicate their feelings, wants, and needs to their classmates and teachers. As teachers, we are here to help students navigate social interactions and to support them as they make their own decisions, learn from mistakes, and grow into empathetic and self aware individuals.


At the farm, we have so many fun places for children to explore. Our large yard gives kids space to run and explore, play in the mud, climb trees, and be kids! The deck is our main gathering space where we like to make art, craft, and just hang out. The yurt is a great place to warm up on a cold rainy day, and the cabin is a wonderful place to dress up and get imaginative.

To learn more about our ideas behind our outdoor, play based, anti bias, bilingual preschool, please click the "Resources" link above.

Morning Preschool - 9am-1pm

Afternoon Preschool -  1pm-4pm

Our daily rhythm:


  • Arrive to be welcomed by teachers, friends, and animals.

  • Parents check in with the teacher about anything pertinent to the day.

  • Cooperative Free Play and Craft. A variety of activities will be available for the children to chose from.

  • Snack, a natural time to speak Spanish exclusively.

  • Activity Time, a craft, cooking or art project will be offered to those who are interested.

  • Others may continue to have Free Play until circle time.

  • Circle Time which includes a story, a finger play, singing, and dancing.

  • Closing and Goodbyes.

  • 12pm-1pm Lunch, cleanup, and additional playtime.

*The afternoon program is similar to our morning program.*

Monthly Tuition and Fees


                  Days of the Week                          9am-1pm      1pm-4pm


                       Monday/Friday (2 days)                                 $510                 $390

                       Tuesday/Thursday (2 days)                            $510                 $390

                       Monday/ Wednesday/Friday (3 days)           $660                 $570

                       Monday to Friday (5 days)                              $900                 $750


Sliding scale tuition (financial assistance) for 2023-2024

These are the lowest rates some of our families pay.  You can request this lower rate or an amount in between by submitting a brief form after you receive your letter of acceptance.  We want everyone to be able to attend preschool!

                                     Days/Week        9am-1pm      1pm-4pm


                                                        2                     $425                      $325

                                                        3                     $550                      $475

                                                        5                     $750                      $625

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